Functional testing

Pruebas Funcionales


Functional tests ensure that a development satisfies functional specifications, early detection of poorly implemented requirements or defects generated during the programming phase, always from a user perspective.

Our quality teams will use the testing process best suited to the client's development methodology, defining test plans for both desktop and mobile applications.

Our project management includes:

  • Analysis requirements
  • Design plan test
  • Running tests
  • Defect and incident management

The design and execution of the plan test is based on the conception of the following types of tests:


They are the most candidate tests to be automated because they verify that the changes made to the software do not adversely affect other unmodified parts.


Identifying the different processes and modules of the application, we simulate the use of the application as a user would but from the point of view of a tester. These tests will also help us develop a test script.


The variety of operating systems, devices, browsers, etc ... existing on the market make it necessary to ensure the correct operation of our application on a certain number of them. Determining which combination is most efficient to use is another of the tasks we carry out together with the client.


These tests allow us to validate that two or more modules that we have previously checked maintain the expected behavior once they are connected.


We design a series of tests for the final user to certify that the application complies with expectations. These tests can then be used to form the final application manual.