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A performance problem can turn a service into something totally useless. In these cases, the economic impact of the lack of availability and the negative user perception can be very important.

The goal of performance testing is to detect problems in the environment as well as system bottlenecks before going into production. This is achieved by subjecting the service or application to a load that simulates the real world conditions in order to evaluate its behavior under different scenarios.

We have the knowledge and experience to perform performance tests, sustained load, overload or recovery in multiple systems, advising and helping to achieve optimal configuration of your servers.

Performance Specification

Document the requirements that the system must meet to achieve optimal performance, defining the scope of the tests, which systems will be subject to them, number of concurrent users, response times, etc.

Test Environments

Identify the system elements to define the characteristics of the test environment, ensuring that you have a monitoring of resources with sufficient level of detail.

Programming and execution

Program and execute the performance test scripts that we have previously designed, monitoring the system at all times and collecting the results, using open source tools or, if the client requires it, the tools designated by them.

Reports and Integration

Analyze the results of the tests and present detailed reports with guides to improve on the following interactions. On some occasions, we automate both performance testing and the generation of these reports. Include performance testing within your continuous integration cycle, ensuring executions and results that you can rely on.

The performance objectives to be achieved will determine the type of tests to be performed:


We load the system with the expected number of users during normal system use.


We evaluate if other systems are able to process the loads generated by our service or application.


By varying the load quickly, we determine the ability of our system to adapt to it, if resources are managed correctly, etc.


We gradually increase the load until it collapses, to identify which system fails first and focus our attention on it.

We consider the performance tests an advance of the final behavior that the system will have once it is in a productive environment. Identifying problems in a controlled environment allows for safer production and no surprises.