Test automation



Automatic testing accelerates regression testing, while eliminating human error.

Delegating these tests to an automated system allows to dedicate extra time to increase coverage and / or perform specific validations.

We select the best practices and tools for each project. We adapt to any programming language and methodology.

  • collaboration with the client in the development of functional documentation
  • test plan design
  • requirements management
  • definition and configuration of test environments
  • creation and maintenance of tasks on the continuous integration server
  • design and development of automatic testing on desktop, mobile and native Apps
  • automatic report generation

We put special focus on these areas

Cucumber framework

Cucumber allows us to describe how the software should behave using simple language, serving as documentation, automatic testing and development aid, all in a single format.

Using Cucumber, we help the client document their application by creating a live, executable document that can be used to perform the software validation.

Agile testing

We provide our clients with training in Agile development, integrating the role of QA in the development team in an efficient way.

We encourage automation to become part of the development cycle.

Continuous integration

Automatic testing must be part of the continuous integration from the beginning.

We configure triggers in the continuous integration server that run the automatic test suite.


We believe that only what can be measured can be improved.

We create automatic, clean and useful reports of execution results after each round execution.